As an Employer

You should know

Documents required  from a foreign employer are :


1) Demand letter
2) Power of Attorney

Duly attested by any one of the following:-

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country or country of the employer(s);
  • Embassy of Pakistan in the host country or Embassy of Pakistan in the employer’s country;
  • Embassy of host country or Embassy of employer’s country in Pakistan.

3) Specimen Employment Contract
Demand letter must specify job description such as categories of workers required, number of jobs against each category, terms and conditions of the service and qualification/ experience, if required, for each post.

Services for employers
·  Booking hotels.
·  Vehicles for transportation.
·  Furnished Air conditioned office for interview.
·  Technical Trade test centers for testing worker’s technical skills.
·  Approved medical centers for testing physical fitness of workers.